Location: Embankment of the Amur, Khabarovsk
Status: Concept

on the Amur embankment

The multifunctional complex, which will include not only offices and apartments, but also public functions, is planned to be built in the central district of Khabarovsk in the immediate vicinity of the Amur embankment and the main cultural object of the city - the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral. The complex replies to its urban-responsible location with elegant silhouette that adds memorable and accentuated modernity to the city center panorama. The functional content of the building will be modern as well - on Khabarovsk real estate market this project will introduce not only offices of the highest class but also apartments of a fundamentally new format for the city, for the sake of the convenience of the tenants and the employees of the building organically supplemented with a conference hall and a spa center.
An exception was made only for the public spaces on the second floor - occupying the maximum area, they form an expressive cantilever above the main entrance to the building. This solution allowed us to further accentuate the entrance area and make it usable in all weathers. The roof of the second floor is also designed to be operable and is intended to complement the landscaped public spaces around the complex.
The complex is shaped like a trapezoid, with its elongated "nose" oriented towards the water surface. The architects consciously softened absolutely all corners of the building, thus giving it a smoother, more consonant with the river. This plasticity is also organic from the point of view of the configuration of the site where the building is located, because this is where Komsomolskaya Street makes a smooth curve.
The main theme of the architectural design of the facades is a combination of stained glass and structural aluminium lamellas. In order to give the volume optimal proportions, the architects visually combine the three floors in height and develop their own combination of slats for each of the resulting levels. From level to level, these elements are shifted diagonally, emphasizing the dynamism of the volume and its forward and upward thrust.
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