Location: Istomina St., Khabarovsk
Status: concept

Residential complex

on IstomiN

in Khabarovsk

One of the Client's key requests to the architects for the project on Istomin Street in Khabarovsk was to create a volume that stands out from the general background. Borisov Architects proposed to solve this problem with the help of a thoughtful selection of materials and detailed elaboration of facade solutions. The quality and noble palette of the building's facades are formed by transom clinker and beige limestone, while a well-proportioned rhythm is achieved by vertically twinned modules of stained glass windows.
The architects enclose each pair of windows in a perspective frame, the slopes of which are made of natural stone. The height of the modules as well as the depth of the slopes increase towards the upper floors, while the vertical pylons made of brick, on the contrary, thin out, forming a non-monotonous pattern of the facades and a smart, respectable end of the residential tower, clearly visible in the panorama of the adjacent streets.
It will be relevant also for the dark time of day: the facade illumination, developed simultaneously with the architectural concept of the complex, provides for accentuation of the upper part of the building, which is intended to emphasize the nobility of the finishing of these levels. The main function of the complex is residential, but the apartments located here are supplemented with related services: on the first floors there will be a children's club and fitness center, as well as a café and rental office space with a separate entrance group. A landscaped, closed courtyard is provided on the roof of the underground parking lot.
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