of improving
Location: Island Residential Complex, Kaluga
Status: Concept
the territory of the

Islands district

The project was developed as part of an architectural competition to improve the areas of the new district "Islands", located in the north of Kaluga. As part of the competition, participants had to propose solutions for landscaping and creation of iconic art objects in two spaces - "The Garden" and "The Pipe".
Это главный приоритет в архитектуре команде Borisov Architects.
These names were given to the sites for a reason: one of them has preserved the fruit trees of a luxurious garden that once grew here, while the other has preserved the charismatic brick chimney of the former boiler house. In their project, Borisov Architects proposed a solution to create a single walking route, combining both spaces and creating several new levels of perception.
Partially elevated above the ground, the walking ramp also passes through the pipe - making sure that the design of the latter allows for partial removal, the architects organized a scenic "puncture" in it, which allows all strollers to get inside this volume for a short while. Borisov Architects' project was among the winners of the competition, taking second place.
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