Park Hotel


Location: 32 Vucheticha Street, Moscow
Status: Concept
Sheremetevsky Park Hotel is located in a quiet park area in northern Moscow.
Consisting of two buildings, the complex was built in 1972 in the aesthetics of modernist architecture characteristic of those years, the main principles of which the reconstruction project developed by Borisov Architects carefully preserves.
The visor of the main entrance gets a more modern, minimalist solution - the long roof overhang is supported by brass railings, and exactly the same material is used for the balcony railings and window trim.
In particular, the renovated facades inherit charismatic bay windows and multifaceted balconies, and the architects have chosen high-quality clinker tiles as cladding, the texture and palette of which reproduce the original brick cladding.
The noble matte shade of this metal harmoniously complements the texture of the main facade cladding. Status of the object stresses and facing the basement natural granite. In general, the project with minimal architectural interventions achieves a qualitative update of the appearance of buildings. Between the buildings, for the convenience of visitors, is provided the organization of the elevated translucent transition.
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