of residential development on
Location: 62 Sadovnicheskaya Street, Moscow
Status: Concept

Sadovnicheskaya embankment

The plot intended for the implementation of the residential development project is located on Sadovnicheskaya Street. Having an elongated shape, it is oriented along the street, and it is this configuration that the architects propose to give to the new residential complex - so that the front of the new development would support the morphotype characteristic of the street and the embankment.
Это главный приоритет в архитектуре команде Borisov Architects.
In this case, the projected volume is divided into several sections, which, through a slight shift relative to each other, form a clear, instantly readable rhythm. In addition, gaps are made between the individual sections - they will allow to include small green squares in the structure of the complex and generally give it a more permeable appearance. The designed buildings are in line with the surrounding historic buildings, their number of floors ranges from 4 to 8, decreasing as they approach Sadovnicheskaya Street.
The coloristic solution of the complex is also fully oriented on the surrounding historic buildings, and the architectural language of the facades is a modern reading of such classical techniques as the alternation of large and narrow partitions, the use of inter-story belts, columns and pilasters, as well as pylons, decorated with elegant fluting.
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