Location: the intersection of Vernadsky and Lomonosovsky Prospekt.
Status: Concept

on Vernadskogo Avenue

The multifunctional complex, which will include rental shopping space, a cinema, catering establishments and underground parking, is planned to be built in the immediate vicinity of the southern entrance hall of the metro station "University".
Built in 1959 to a design by the architects N. A. Bykova and I. G. Taranov, the lobby is a circular one-storey building with a flat roof, the broad cornice of which is supported by a series of twin columns. Architectural and compositional solution of the new complex picks up and develops stylistics of the historic volume - the elegant thin columns support the cornice of the flat roof, while the main facade material is stained glass. The upper levels of the complex are also fully glazed.
The new building actually hugs the vestibule, forming a new street front from the side of the intra-block passage and separating the passenger flow of the station from the nearby turning ring of streetcar routes.
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