Location: Kashirskoye Shosse, Moscow
Status: Concept
residential complex


The location of the future complex is marked, on the one hand, by proximity to major.

Transport highways of the city (Kashirskoye highway and in the future - one of the tracks

South-Eastern chord) and on the other hand - proximity to the floodplain of the Chertanivka river and its generously planted banks. These features of the location prompted the architects to combine residential and commercial functions within the complex and to work out the detailed view characteristics of the future housing.

The complex consists of two towers placed on a single stylobate. The latter is L-shaped in plan, and the towers are maximally moved away from each other so that the central part of the stylobate remains a low-rise volume, forming a co-scale pedestrian street front. On the river side behind this part of the complex an ice rink is placed. As for the towers, they are perpendicular to each other, and the ends with which they face the stylobate, got cascading silhouettes.
This form is emphasized by modular elements - rectangular and square cells of balconies and windows that form a multidimensional canvas of facades. And, of course, this solution made it possible to design a sufficient number of viewing terraces. The main material for the facades, according to the architects' plans, will be architectural concrete of terracotta color.
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